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Sound and Lighting System Rentals

Find any sound or lighting system rentals that you need.

Sound and lighting is imperative to all major staging events as well as conventions and trade shows. Sound system rentals are great for presentations with a large number of people so that presenters can be heard by all members of the audience. Lighting systems are necessary for not only keeping the event visible but can also be utilized to add a visual dynamic to a show, concert, presentation, speech, or product launch.
Sound Sytem Rentals

Sound System Rentals

Audio systems are in most cases the kind of technology that is best suited for renting. The fact is that most events do not occur often enough to justify the purchase of an entire audio system, whereas events that utilize them the most, such as conferences, conventions, or trade shows usually occur annually. For these kinds of events, renting audio systems is the ideal solution for such a temporary need.

Sound Rental Equipment

Wireless Microphones (Lapel, Handheld)
Wired Handheld Microphone
Speakers (30 - 300 Watts)
Sound Boards (4 - 12 inputs)

Package Deals are Available

Common Applications

Conference Rooms
Breakout Sessions
Rehearsal Dinners
Political Campaigns
Product Launching
Press Releases
Banquet Halls
Lighting System Rentals

Lighting System Rentals

Having the right light for your stage or film is crucial to having either a visual impressive stage or a professional grade film. Without utlizing a lighting system for a big event, then youre event will be mediocre at best. Even if you have professional grade cameras and a great sound system, without a decent lighting system, your other equipment's potential will be limited and so will the impact of your event.

Lighting Rental Equipment

Lights (varying wattage fresnels)
Gels / Sheets
Carrying Cases

Package Deals are Available

Common Applications

Stages & Film
Independent Films
TV Productions
Promotional Ads

Corporate Event Lighting
Party Lighting
Show & Concert Lighting
Product Launching
Wedding Lighting