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Projector Rentals For Meetings

Find any projector rentals you need for your meeting.

Why Rent a Meeting Room Projector?
Our Tech Travel Agents can get you the right kind of projector you need for your next small business meeting. Often small business meetings are set in more closed and intimate settings, and don't offer a lot of space. In these cases, smaller projectors are ideal, since they save room and project large images from short distances.

Short Throw Projector Rentals for Meetings
Short throw projector rentals are ideal for the small business meetings where you need to make video or Powerpoint presentations, and do not have much space to work in. These projectors can project a vibrant and large image, from a very short distance.

Powerpoint Projector, Laptop, & Screen Rental
In addition to your meeting room projector rental, your Tech Travel Agent can also get you all the audio-visual technology you might need for a successful business meeting. Our Meeting Package includes a projector rental, a screen rental, and a laptop rental, so that all the technology you need for your meeting gets delivered and installed. Let your Tech Travel Agent be your one point of contact for all meeting rentals.


  • The size of your meeting space will determine what type of projector is best for your meeting.

  • For small meeting spaces, a short-throw projector is ideal.

  • Most projectors will work great for spaces of moderate size.

  • For extremely large meetings, you should consider a large-venue projector.