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Projector Rentals

Find any projector rentals you need.

Purchasing professional quality projectors can be very expensive, and difficult to justify if the projector is only used occasionally for meetings or conferences. Projector rentals are an easy and cost efficient solution for ephemeral needs such as these. Our agents can procure the right type of projector for your need, and have it delivered to your location.

Small Venue Projectors:
A small venue projector rental usually has on 2,000 Lumens, and is able to work well in both dark and dimly lit situations. These are great for small business meetings.

Medium Venue Projectors:
Medium room projector rentals usually run with a 5,000 Lumen bulb, and will work in virtually all lighting situations. These projectors are ideal for moderately sized meeting rooms.

Large Meeting Room Projectors:
These are great for large venues with an audience that is larger than 500 viewers. Large-venue projectors come with a top-quality bulb with 10,000+ Lumens.

DVD Video Projectors

DVD Projectors are precisely what their name implies: A unit that combines a DVD media player and a video projector, removing the need for multiple pieces of electronics.

HD Projectors

The most important aspect of a projector that is immediately perceivable the instant you turn it on is the sharpness and vibrancy of the images. An HD projector can impress your audience from the moment it begins by creating a memorable and vibrant image.

Large Venue Projectors

If you have a big event then you need a powerful projector that projects vibrant and clear images at long distances; the rule of thumb is the larger the venue, the brighter the projector. New large venue projectors have a multi-bulb system that boosts brightness up to 10,000 Lumens.

PowerPoint Projectors

Most projectors will do a great job displaying a PowerPoint presentation. If you have a smaller audience, any 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.

Projector Rentals for Meetings

Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector.

Projector Screen Rentals

If you have to make a video presentation, you should also consider renting a projector screen as well. Depending on where you will be giving your presentation, having a screen might be a necessary accessory, since many venues do not have wall surfaces that are optimal for video projection.

Short-Throw Projectors

Short-throw projectors only require half the projection distance of traditional projectors. The projector can be placed just a foot or so from the screen. This is nice because it keeps the projector and screen near each other instead of having a long throw projector that people can accidentally block.

Rear Screen Rentals

Depending on your venue, you may consider getting a rear projection screen rental with your projector. Rear projector screens allow you to project from behind the screen, which might be ideal in certain spaces, and can come in handy with a Short-Throw Projector Rental if space is limited.

Projector & Screen Combo Rental

Many times a projector needs a screen with which to project upon, and our agents can get you any size screen for any size audience. By letting your Tech Travel Agent develop a single solution that includes the right projector and the right screen, as well as handle delivery to any location, you can avoid the headache of getting multiple technologies together for your presentation.