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Kiosk Rentals

Find any kiosk rentals that you need.

Kiosk rentals are especially ideal for conferences and trade shows where the need for self-service technology is temporary. Purchasing kiosks can be expensive and its not economically viable to purchase an expensive piece of equipment for a temporary use, especially if you need more than one. In addition, shipping and storing kiosks can also be an expensive endeavor, so renting makes a lot of sense when it comes to interactive kiosks. With several models, styles and colors to choose from, a Tech Travel Agents can assist you in tailoring a kiosk to your specific needs.

iPad Kiosk Rentals

iPad Kiosk Rentals With simple touch screen interfaces, iPads make perfect kiosks. Instead of a computer based kiosk, iPad kiosks are more affordable and easier to set up. They are sleek and non-intrusive due to their small size. Since iPads have built in mics, cams, keyboards, speakers, and touch screens, they eliminate the need for the standard kiosk, unless you require significant performance.

iPad kiosk enclosures securly encase the iPad to enable public use of the Apple iPad device without fear of theft or damage.
Kiosk Rentals

Customization Options

When configuring your kiosk rental, you should consider the following peripherals:
  • Screen Type: Touch Screen or Standard w/ Keyboard
  • Screen Size: 17" - 21"
  • Speakers: Internal, External or None
  • Drives: CD or DVD Drives
  • Software: Customized or Commercial
  • Scanners and Card Readers
  • Printers
Interactive Kiosk Rentals

Common Applications

  • Surveys
  • Customer Check-In
  • Surveys and Market Research
  • Information Collection
  • Marketing Campaings
  • Ticket Sales and Dispensing
  • Exhibits
  • Internet Access Point
  • Registration
  • Print Station
  • Videos / Demos
  • Tradeshow Booth Locator