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LCD Monitor Rentals

Why Rent an LCD Monitor?

Monitors are necessary for using a computer, especially a desktop computer. Monitors are great because they can also double as televisions when hooked up to other sources. Renting monitors comes in handy if you are wanting to test out a new model before you purchase your own but are mostly used for events. Events like trade shows, conferences, conventions, training classes, breakout rooms and the like lend perfectly to renting monitors. They can add visual stimulation to your booth or presentation.

LCD Display Technology

LCD display technology allows images to be produced by shinging light through liquid crystals and colored filters. This technology allows displays to take up less space, consume less power, produce less heat, and are known to reduce eye-strain.

1080p vs 720p

1080p and 720p are high definition standards and based on the number of pixels on the screen. 720p has fewer pixels than 1080p and therefore has less quality picture. However, in smaller model television (smaller than 40"), then the difference can be negligible and harder to notice. Plus 720p models are usually less costly.
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LCD Monitor Rentals

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