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Video Camera Rentals

Find any camera rental that you need.

When shooting a film or other video production, there really is no substitute for high quality professional grade cameras. No matter how good the quality is of the editing and post production software, the final product will only be as good as the source video. However, high quality video cameras are quite expensive and that's why a video gear and camera equipment rental is a common sense approach to getting the equipment you need for your video production.

Image Magnification System (IMAG)

An IMAG System is a network of video cameras set to the task of recording a large event for the purpose of broadcasting the capture images on large screens, or for purposes of producing documentation of the event. If an event is large enough, it can be difficult to see what is going on for those who are seated far away from the center of the event. With an entire system of cameras with which you can capture the event, all attendees can enjoy the event and be fully aware of what is going on. By utilizing several cameras, placed at various angles at the event, you can cut in and out from one to another, so that you can cross fade between angles to capture all the right moments.

Additional Camera Equipment

We also offer Video Monitoring systems so you can see exactly what you are recording, as its being recorded. Additionally, we offer other various video equipment rentals such as: P2 Media Storage, video cables, camera battery belts, firewire converters, video mixers, projector screens, projectors, batteries, hard disc recorders, dvd recorders, tripods, studio configuration kits, switchers, lighting systems, record decks and more.
Video Camera Rentals

Video Camera Rentals

Professional grade production
Lighting System Rentals

Lighting Systems Rentals

Lighting is critical for photos and video